Autumn Newsletter - 2/4/2017




There are 21 Junior members who are enrolled in our golf coaching program which operates for 25 weeks of the year, on a Saturday afternoon. The program is aimed at kids 6-16 years who are either completely new to golf or considered to have some experience and an "intermediate" level of knowledge and skills. 

This program breaks over Winter. Our last session will be on Saturday 8th April before we resume again on 9th September. We are always happy to receive new registrations for kids who would like to pick up golf later in the year. 

Sam continues to offer complimentary coaching on a Tuesday afternoon after school to Junior members of the club who are not enrolled in the coaching program specifically. These would tend to be the older Juniors with a more advanced level of skills. 

There is a Parent Info Session on Sunday 2nd April 3-5pm at the Golf Club. This is open to parents of existing junior members as well as parents who are wondering about golf as a suitable sport for their kids. 


The Pro Shop will be delivering the Ladies Let's Golf program in conjunction with Golf Queensland. We currently have a wait list of 30 women who have expressed an interest in participating in beginner clinics. 

The upcoming Ladies Let's Golf FREE Introduction sessions are on the 27th & 29th April. These are free one hour participation session to introduce participants to golf through a fun and interactive experience in a non-threatening environment. 

Dates are set for the Level 1 Ladies Let's Golf (consisting of four weeks of one hour group clinics at a cost of $99). Level 1 is suitable for beginners and covers basic skills of golf (golf swing, chipping, putting, pitching). 

The Level 1 Ladies Let's Golf clinics will be offered on the following dates/times: 

Thursdays 9:30-10:30am (4th May; 11th May; 18th May; 25th May) 

Saturdays 1-2pm & 2:30-3:30pm (6th May; 13th May; 20th May; 27th May) 

Sundays 10-11am (7th May; 14th May; 21st May; 28th May) 

Level 2 Ladies Let's Golf is targeted at Level 1 participants as well as those returning to the game wanting to re-learn skills. It consists of 5 weeks of one hour clinics at a cost of $125. 

A Level 2 program is tentatively planned for Saturdays 1:30-2:30pm, commencing 3rd June until 1st July. 

For further information on this great initiative please call the Pro Shop on 46613664. 


Friday 21st April 10am-2pm. Registrations for this are preferred and can be made via the Pro Shop 


A meeting of the combined Match Committees last week reviewed the outcomes of the trial held during the past month which saw women starting from the 10th tee between the hours of 11.00am and 12.15 pm. It was decided that as from Saturday 1st April all members will tee off from the 1st tee with the following conditions to apply: 

Women will play in groups of three. 

a. Groups of two (for all members) will be discouraged and every effort will be made to either combine such groups or to meld players into groups of 3 or 4. This could involve players being required to wait or asked to arrive earlier. Some effort should be made by players to ensure they are in groups of at least 3. 

b. Groups of 5 or more will be moved to the end of the field. 

c. The Pro Shop will be instructed to ensure these conditions are applied without favour and any member refusing to co-operate will answer to the Management Committee. 

d. Any playing group who has lost a clear hole to the group in front of them must take action to close the gap which should include: 

1. Sending players to tee off on the next hole as soon as they finish putting out or wash the hole. 

2. Playing ‘ready golf’ on the fairways. Hitting in order of who is ready not who is furthest away. 

3. Each member of the group moving straight to his/her own ball and getting ready to hit. 

4. Continuing with these actions until the group catches up to the group in front. 

e. If a group loses two clear holes they must stand aside and let any waiting group play through. 


Over the coming months a Pace of Play Policy will be formulated from the data collected by the Committee during the trial. In the meantime take notice of your group’s position in the field and be mindful of the group in front of you. Most slow players aren’t even aware they are slow. A good pace of play doesn’t mean you have to rush your golf but rather be prepared and ready to hit as soon as it is your turn.